Love Is A Play On Our Hearts

Is complicated
But we all know that, right?

We still do it though.
We gift our hearts, entirely open and exposed, hoping that we will be taken in to be nurtured, admired, and respected in return.

Giving your vulnerabilities to someone for the first time.
Sharing your most painful insecurities.
Sharing your most deepest secrets and ambitions without fear of tease or mock.
Being accepted for all that you are, in all your fullness and brokenness.
To have another lick your wounds.
The feeling of tingles, youth, and overwhelmingness burst within your body at any moment your eyes meet.

What about when we fall?
We still love.
We still give it all, and expect everything back.
Screaming, expression, movement, crying.
We want to be seen, to be noticed, to be heard.
Isolation and loneliness, no one understands. You don’t understand.
We build walls, sometimes so quickly they become too tall to pass.
The great divide.
Moving at the same speed of life behind continually growing barriers.
What’s on the other side?
Misunderstandings, miscommunications, and what I really miss is you.
Comfort, and having someone there to help get us up when we can’t do it alone.

Encouragement for continued self discovery.
Deepening, and realizing in yourself and in others.
A partner in mystery and light, a partner in life.
Shared but separate; a balance to find together, but lines are blurry, and be careful not to cross.
Confidence and trust in knowing honesty exists and will prevail in most trying circumstances.
Openness: with yourself, your needs, wants, purpose.
Learning while you live in harmony.
An anchor, the rock to come back to when waves push you too far offshore.

Different capacities, different moments, different people. It is in our lives entirely and always.
If we let it be.
But all of these sentences can be mixed around and put in different order.
They would still make complete sense because
Love is a play on hearts, and we’ll keep playing in order to survive.